Exam Exemption Policy and Grading Scales

Exam Exemption Policy for Grades K-12

A student who falls into one of the following categories may be exempt from taking their semester exams:

  1. No more than 2 absences per class or in any class and an B or above average.
  2. No more than 4 absences per class or in any class and an A average.
  3. Once a student has accumulated 6 tardies per class in any class per semester, the

    student will not be exempt from final exams in any class.

  4. Principals may refuse a student’s exemption status due to disciplinary actions.

Absences for school-sponsored activities do not count as an official school absence. Exempt students may choose to take an exam to raise their final average. In this case, exam grades will not count against the student’s average if it will lower their final grade. The school calendar is in the front of this handbook. Please do not schedule vacations, etc., during exams, which will be the last two days of each semester.

Grading Scales

K-8 Grading Scale (Non-Carnegie Unit Courses)

HS and Carnegie Unit Courses Grading Scale

A 93-100

A 90-100

B 85-92

B 80-89

C 75-84

C 70-79

D 70-74

D 65-69

F 69 or below

F 64 or below

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